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about us

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Who we are

Onicx is a full-service real estate company with roots in Florida as an owner and developer in commercial real estate.

When we launched in 2004, our commitment to real estate development led us on a path to regional leadership in developing and building large-scale medical office, mixed-use, industrial, and multi-family properties.

Formed through strategic affiliations with institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices, our mission is to profitably acquire, develop, and manage commercial properties across the Southeast.

Now in our seventeenth year we are more committed to bringing creative real estate solutions to our clients backed by a range of diverse services and financial stability.

What sets us apart

Our integrative approach synergizes development, investment, construction, leasing and property management to create unmatched value for you.

On your behalf, we orchestrate a specialized team of planners, architects, contractors, and property managers to turn your ideas into world-class facilities that enhance tenant satisfaction.


At Onicx, we put people first.

We work side by side, everyday to make sure we are doing our best for our clients and each other. The Onicx team is guided by a set of core values that are demonstrated through the work that we do and the relationships that we cultivate with our team members, families, friends and clients.


Develop trust, create value,

focus on excellence,

invest in relationships, build for the future.



We must strive for excellence in all that we do.  By holding ourselves accountable to this standard, we will ensure that we always deliver on our commitments.


We believe in a family environment based on trust, support and loyalty.  By promoting a healthy work-life balance, we create a strong foundation for the company and a more engaged and productive team.


We work with purpose and passion while striving for growth.  When we focus on our goals, and we are accountable to ourselves and each other, we cannot help but achieve success.


We aspire to be out of the box thinkers and work collaboratively to find innovative solutions.  We want to challenge ourselves to create the most efficient pathways to success for ourselves, our clients, and our investors.


We believe that relationships are at the core of our company and drive all that we do.  We strive to provide a collaborative workplace through our relationships with our employees; a positive, well-executed experience through our relationships with our clients and vendors; and a proven track record in our relationships with investors and stakeholders. 


We believe trust is mutual, must be earned, must be maintained and is essential in any relationship, business or personal. We believe truthfulness, integrity and reliability are crucial to our success, and that we always do what we say we will do.